Who we are

Powered by the world’s most trusted and largest professional platform, our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

We’re looking for purpose-driven artificial intelligence (AI), backend (apps), data science, frontend (UI), mobile, site reliability (SRE), systems & infrastructure, and trust & safety engineers, and leaders.

Our engineers collaborate cross-functionally to ethically craft quality consumer, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, B2B sales, and talent/learning products — to help job seekers, businesses and learners maximize their potential. 

Why LinkedIn

Experience transformational personal & professional growth — surrounded by a collaborative, mission-driven community dedicated to creating economic opportunity for all.

You’ll be part of a high-impact team and a purpose-driven company focused on creating equitable outcomes for 900M+ job seekers, business professionals, and learners in 200+ countries.

Backed by 150+ open-source innovations and 2+ exabytes of offline grid-capacity, you’ll help business owners and job seekers maximize their potential: from helping a first-gen. college graduate find her dream job, to helping a B2B marketer get life-saving medical products to patients in need.

You’ll be part of a collaborative and diverse community of 20K+ software engineers, product managers, data scientists, product designers, sales/relationship managers, and product marketers across 35+ cities.

In our compassionate, inclusive, and supportive culture, you’ll be an integral part of a core product-tech team dedicated to building quality and ethical products that solve the toughest technical challenges facing job seekers, learners and 60M+ small and large businesses today.

Our global engineering community represents leading AI, data, product, SRE, and systems & infrastructure engineers across our 10+ career paths, invested foremost in your growth and development.

You’ll have access to our flexibility programs; internal-mobility opportunities across our five products; wellness, education and family benefits; informal and formal mentors; and 20K+ leadership/technical learning courses — to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Who we're looking for

Click below to explore some of our latest engineering job openings by specialty area:

AI & Machine Learning
Maximize the latest AI tech & methods

Backend (Apps)
Optimize our products' server layers

Data Science
Extract actionable, business insights

Developer (Productivity) Tools
Empower our engineers via internal apps

Engineering Leadership
Shape our engineering & talent strategy

Frontend (UI)
Create a dynamic, product interface 

Information Security (InfoSec)
Strengthen our security strategies

Enhance our Android & iOS apps

Site Reliability (SRE)
Ensure platform performance at scale

Systems & Infrastructure (SI)
Build large-scale, distributed systems

Technical Program Management (TPM)
Drive complex & agile product roadmaps

Trust & Safety (TnS)
Protect members from cyber threats

Where we work

Our global engineering hubs include:

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