Amenities Local teams Transportation

Food and beverage:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Grab-and-go snacks
  • Juice counter
  • Coffee bar


  • Fitness centre & showers
  • Group classes
  • Mothers' Room 
  • Prayer Room
  • Nap Rooms 


  • Desk with height adjustable tables
  • Ergonomic Chairs 
  • Game Area 
  • RideIn employee shuttle service
  • Bicycle, motorcycle, and car parking
  • Evening security escort to vehicle

[in] our own words

“LinkedIn's culture is compassionate, inclusive, contemporary, inspirational, transformative, innovative, super fun and so much more. The culture is my favourite part about this job and it is exciting to work for an organisation that inspires excellence on so many levels every single day!"

Divya Ramakrishnan
Account Director, Marketing Solutions

“LinkedIn has a work culture that I haven’t seen nor experienced anywhere else before. It’s a place where diversity, inclusion and belonging is not only preached but also practised. Every single individual’s views are respected and heard frequently. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be part of an organisation that encourages me to challenge myself every single day and become better at what I do."

Karandeep Oberoi
Talent Development Sales Specialist, Learning Solutions