Amenities Local teams Transportation

Food and beverage:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Micro-kitchens with snacks
  • Coffee bar


  • Fitness studio
  • Group classes


  • Mothers’ rooms
  • Mindfulness room
  • Massages


  • Outdoor terrace
  • Music room
  • Library

Public Transportation

  • Dublin Bus stops nearby
  • 10-minute walk to Charlemont Luas (tram) stop
  • 20-minute walk to DART light rail stations: Grand Canal Dock & Pearse


  • Secure bike parking in basement car park
  • Dublin bikes stations nearby


  • Secure parking is available in the basement car park

[in] our own words

“I feel like I am an entrepreneur, start-up spirit, the doors are open for creativity, initiatives and diversity of thoughts.  It is also a very beautiful environment with very high-quality standards, the facilities are amazing, work space, equipment, technology, gym, food, fun activities."

Salwa Amar
Head of Sales, SMB, Talent Solutions

“What surprised me was the people from all over the world you get to meet within the company. The last time I bonded with people that I didn’t know before was when I was in university five years ago. It’s a natural process you can’t force but here at LinkedIn, I can tell that I have found some great friends."

Marc Cortez
Account Executive

“In Dublin everyone feels so connected and part of a one big family.  From day one you will have a sense of this energy and – really – everyone is rushing to help you! Also, the respect that clients have for our brand is special. You never get used to it and, as a team, we never take it for granted."

Mario Mazzuoccolo
Account Director