Amenities Local teams Transportation

Food and beverage:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Kitchens with snacks
  • Coffee bar


  • Gym and fitness studio
  • Showers
  • Group classes


  • Mothers’ rooms
  • Mindfulness room
  • Massages


  • Outdoor terrace
  • Music room
  • Arcade games

Public transit:

  • 5-minute walk to Salesforce Transit Center
  • 10-minute walk to Montgomery BART station
  • Last-mile shuttle service to 4th Street Caltrain


  • Paid parking garage onsite


  • Secured bike room
  • Wall racks on most floors
  • Repair kit available

[in] our own words

“LinkedIn works really hard to invest in their employees as both people and professionals. The support and care I receive on a daily basis from teammates and leadership have made all of the difference in setting the foundation for my career; I can’t think of a day since I’ve joined the company that I haven’t been challenged to be the best version of myself."

Michael Vander Lugt
Sr. Software Engineer


“During my interview process – which was more a conversation than an interview – I realized that LinkedIn was going through an amazing transformation journey both externally in terms of product offerings and internally elevating the employee experience. I just wanted to be part of it!"

Venu Tiruneermalai
Director, HR Technology


"My favorite aspect of the culture at LinkedIn is hands down the awesome people. Every person I collaborate with on a daily basis is such a delight to work with. Over the years I've built relationships with people not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level."

Tiffany Mayoral
Staff Product Designer