Scholarship Details

  • Recipients will be awarded $40,000 over the duration of their college experience.
  • Awards will be distributed at $5,000 per semester (max 10,000 per year) with the opportunity to renew up to three times, assuming participants continue to meet eligibility requirements and maintain good academic standing.
  • Recipients are expected to participate in year-round programming to maintain renewal eligibility.
  • Recipients will receive a laptop.

[in] their own words

Students Educators and Legal Guardians Program FAQs
  • I have not yet started a full-time college program.
  • I plan to begin my degree at a full time at a not-for-profit, accredited college or university in the United States starting in Fall 2024.
  • I am planning to complete a degree in Computer Science or Computer Programming (or similar) with hopes of working in an engineering-related role after college.
  • I am excited for the opportunity to travel (expenses paid) to participate in experiential learning 1-2x per year including in the summer throughout the four-year program. 
  • I am excited to participate in community building and career development events during college.
  • I am committed to bringing my unique experiences and perspectives to future tech big dreamers.

AND one or more of these statements apply to me:

  • I am the first generation in my family to pursue higher education at a four-year institution.
  • I am Black or Latino. 
  • I am Native or Indigenous.
  • I am transgender, non-binary, a woman or otherwise hold a marginalized gender. 
  • I am disabled. 
  • I am queer.
  • I am a dedicated ally to, and have demonstrated commitment to the advancement of opportunities for, the above historically marginalized groups.

Financial need will be a one of a variety of factors considered for selection. Financial need is not a requirement for eligibility but will be considered in overall candidacy.


Program Requirements & FAQs

Recipients will commit to the following:

Cohort Kickoff:

  • Three days in Mountain View, California (expenses paid) in Summer 2024

Mentorship, Supplemental Learning, & Coaching:

  • Mentorship: up to 10 hours per semester 
  • Supplemental Learning: 5 hours per semester (15-20 minutes per week)
  • Coaching: 15 min monthly check-ins  

Technical Skill-Building: 

  • Opportunities to learn from and alongside LinkedIn engineers while building a portfolio of work to enhance career readiness


The nature of this program and its components, including mentorship, supplemental learning, and the kickoff event, is solely to benefit the participants of the program.

Joining the Cohort

All programming will be designed to support our 4 pillars of college and career persistence. If selected, here is what you can expect:

Financial Independence

  • Funds for your education ($10,000 annually) 
  • A company-provided laptop
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning content to help you build financial independence skills
  • Coaching and mentoring opportunities to  support your financial journey in college and beyond

Readiness for Career in Technology

  • Support with course selection 
  • Mentorship from LinkedIn engineers and leaders
  • Technical projects designed by LinkedIn engineers
  • Support to help you better navigate the process for applying for a Computer Science related role, such as interview preparation and understanding what options are available (i.e., internship positions)

Sense of Belonging

  • An onsite kickoff at our LinkedIn Headquarters (expenses covered) to provide you the opportunity to connect, network and experience our culture
  • Dedicated mentors from relevant backgrounds to support your journey through school
  • A curriculum focused on how to find communities that match your experience and interest on campus
  • Opportunities to network with LinkedIn leaders from our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Self-Advocacy and Getting Help

  • A curriculum designed to help you build skills to thrive in college and beyond 
  • Mentorship to both challenge and support your habit building
  • A network of caring and trustworthy peers whom you can ask for support with challenges as well as celebrate your accomplishments

We know that students are set up to thrive when they have caring advocates in their corner. Thank you for sharing this information with young people in your communities who may be interested in a career in tech.

Below are key details:

  • Application Criteria 
  • Key Dates: The application will open in January, interviews will take place if selected in February and March, and participants will be notified by the end of April.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already in college. Can I apply for a future year?
No. This program is only for rising first year students.

I am a graduate student or community college student, can I apply? 
No. The program will focus on students enrolled at 4-year institutions for undergraduate degrees. As we grow, we hope to expand our reach.  

I am an international student attending school in the US on a student visa. Am I eligible?  
Yes. Participants must remain enrolled in school in person in the US to renew their scholarship. International applicants must be applying to accredited 4-year institutions, have taken required exams for those schools, and have plans to move to the US to start school. Candidates must be 1 year or less out of high school or secondary school.

I am a DACA recipient, TPS or Asylee, am I eligible?  

I do not have significant financial need but come from an underrepresented group. Am I eligible? 
Yes – financial need is one factor that will be considered but will be considered alongside other factors including your total application. 

How will recipients be chosen? 
Applicants who meet basic eligibility criteria will be reviewed, and a selection of candidates will be invited to interview. 

Interviews will be used to see how a candidate might add to the culture of the Cohort as well as to understand how they will engage in required events and learning opportunities.

The winning participants will be chosen based on their alignment with our pillars, enthusiasm for engaging, and demonstrated opportunity to benefit from the program offerings.

What majors are acceptable for the scholarship program?

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Software & Applications
  • Software Design
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Math

Participants must major in one of the fields indicated on this list or get approval for a related major. If you have specific questions about the intended major, you can reach out to with questions.

We would love to see your application! Our applications for the next cohort will launch early January 2024.

Please note:

  • You can save your place and resume throughout

You will need:

  • Transcript (unofficial/screenshot OK) that includes 1st semester senior year of High School
  • Email addresses for recommenders
  • Financial information (household income, expected costs of college, any debts)
  • Parental or legal guardian consent if under 18 years old

How much is the scholarship award each year? 
Recipients will be granted a $10,000 scholarship paid to the student directly to use for qualified educational expenses. 

Does the scholarship renew each year? 
The scholarship can be renewed 3 times to be used for 4 years of study towards a bachelor's degree. Renewal is dependent on maintaining good academic standing and will be evaluated case by case if students are struggling. 

Students who take time off and require more time to complete degrees may pause funding to accommodate this. Circumstances will be evaluated case by case. 

What does the scholarship money cover? 
These funds can be used for anything within the IRS qualifications for educational expenses. If used outside of these categories, you will be required to pay taxes on the scholarship funds. 

What if I change my major away from Computer Science? 
The scholarship is only available for students studying computer science or an aligned and approved field. If a student is not continuing to take computer science classes at a C+ or above average, the scholarship may not be renewed for the following term. 

What if my GPA falls below a C+ average? 
The team will work with you to develop a support plan to increase your GPA. Multiple semesters below a C+ average may lead to an inability to renew your scholarship. 

What if I need to switch to part time? 
We understand that life can get in the way of continuing a full-time course load. We will consider each circumstance case by case.


I have a conflict during the kickoff dates. Can I apply? 
Our kickoff is required, and we cannot accept candidates who do not attend kickoff without a medical requirement. It is important to double check the dates before submitting your application.

What costs are associated with the kickoff? 
LinkedIn will cover the full costs of travel, food and lodging during the kickoff.


What else is included in addition to the Scholarship Award? 
Participants will have access to the following: 

  • Reliable computer to ensure ability to complete coursework and participate in programming 
  • Free access to LinkedIn Learning 
  • Expenses paid opportunity to visit LinkedIn headquarters in Sunnyvale, California for kickoff in June prior to Freshman year 

What is expected of participants during the year? 
Participants will be expected to participate in ~5 hours/month of mentorship, curriculum, community building, and learning experiences aligned with four program pillars: 

  • Financial Independence 
  • Sense of Belonging 
  • Readiness for Career in Technology 
  • Self-Advocacy & Getting Help 

Failure to participate in these sessions will result in losing funding.

Will the learning and events required be online or in person? 
The programming will be virtual with several key in-person touch points: 

  • Kickoff (Summer 2024) 
  • Internship 
  • Optional location-based meet up opportunities depending on proximity to other recipients & LinkedIn offices or employees 

NOTE: All in-person offerings will be fully paid by LinkedIn and will not have cost to scholarship participants 

Will this program teach me coding skills? 
No. The goal of the program is to enhance the learning happening in your Computer Science courses. Students are expected to maintain good academic standing in Computer Science coursework to maintain their scholarship funding.


Do participants get to complete an internship with LinkedIn? 
Recipients who maintain active participation in the program and strong academic standing will be supported in applying and preparing for internships during the second half of the college experience. 

  • Note: LinkedIn cannot and does not guarantee employment through this scholarship, but the program will provide all qualified participants with tools that enhance their qualifications for securing an internship. 
  • If hired to an internship at LinkedIn, the internship is a paid work opportunity (likely in Sunnyvale, California) and lodging costs are covered by the company. 

Will all participants get an internship? 
Program participants have access to coaching, up-skilling, and support to set them up for the greatest chance of securing a summer internship in their field of study during the second half of the college experience. Internships are not guaranteed.