Program Details

  • The program is eight weeks beginning June 10, 2024 through August 9, 2024.

  • LinkedIn Legal & Public Policy team members will mentor program participants 1:1 throughout the summer. 

  • Participants will grow their network through participation in professional development programs and informative panels focusing on the in-house legal department experience.

How to Apply Info Sessions Program Requirements Program FAQs

To apply candidates should meet the following criteria: 

  • During fall 2024, I will be enrolled part-time or full-time as a 2L or 3L at a law school in the United States.
  • For the summer of 2024 I will be located near one of the following metropolitan areas: Chicago, District of Columbia, New York, Omaha, San Francisco, or Sunnyvale.
  • I will or have attended one of the 30 minute mandatory informational sessions identified below.

AND one or more of these statements apply to me:

  • I was the first generation in my family to pursue an undergraduate college degree.
  • I am Black or Latino.
  • I am Native or Indigenous.
  • I am transgender, non-binary, a woman or otherwise hold a marginalized gender.
  • I am disabled.
  • I am queer.
  • I am a dedicated ally to, and have demonstrated commitment to the advancement of opportunities for, the above historically marginalized groups.

Attend a 30 Minute Info Session

Program Requirements

Participants will commit to the following all virtual events over the course of the summer: 

  • Attend orientation
  • Mentorship: at least 3 hours
  • Coaching and professional development: 3 sessions 
  • Learnings: 4 panels

To supplement their program experience, participants may elect to participate in the following optional activities: 

  • Networking with other law students
  • In-person lunch at a local LinkedIn campus
  • Attend a virtual closing ceremony

This program is not an internship or externship. You will not be compensated. This program is a learning path and opportunity for mentorship and networking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply?
You should apply to this program because it offers a professional development and mentorship experience to underrepresented law school students and allies, giving you access and exposure to an in-house legal department, a career choice you may not have heard much about in law school. You will also practice valuable skills like networking and interviewing. To grow your network, you’ll meet legal and public policy professionals and law students from across the country.

I am starting my 1L year. Can I apply?
Not yet. This program is only for rising 2Ls and 3Ls. Please be sure to check back next year when you are eligible. 

I am a part-time law student. Can I apply?

I am an LLM student. Can I apply?
Yes, however priority may be given to rising 2Ls and 3Ls.

Will I receive compensation or school credit for this program?
No. This program is a learning path and opportunity for mentorship and networking.

I attend law school outside of the United States, can I apply? 
No. We are currently only accepting applications from students currently enrolled in a law school program in the United States. 

How will recipients be chosen?
Applicants who meet basic eligibility requirements will be reviewed. For selection this year, there will be no interviews. Participants will be chosen based on their alignment with our program goals, enthusiasm for engaging, and demonstrated opportunity to benefit from the program offerings. 

I have an internship/externship for the summer. Should I still apply? 
Yes. We encourage you to apply for the program. This program is meant to enhance your professional development. If selected, we ask that you speak with your internship advisor/manager to let them know you would like to participate in LinkedIn’s program and that this may take an hour or two of your time. 

I will have a conflict with the orientation/panel/event. Should I still apply? 
Yes. We understand that conflicts may arise between our program and your personal/work schedule. However, participants should not miss more than two events over the summer to receive a certificate of completion.

Will participation in the program lead to a legal internship or a job offer at LinkedIn? 
At this time, we do not offer legal internships. Program participants have access to coaching, mentoring, and professional development. The skills learned and knowledge shared in this one-of-a-kind opportunity will help students prepare for their careers.  

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