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How is REACH Structured?

REACH is a multi-year program where individuals with a passion for the job will work in technical roles to build their skill set and gain the experience in the field. Apprentices should expect to be in the apprenticeship for a minimum of one year and no longer than five years. The time each apprentice spends in this program will be based on their skills and performance in the role.  As a REACH apprentice, you will:

  • Be a full-time employee with benefits and perks
  • Get 20% of your time allocated for your self development
  • Be part of a cohort that will meet frequently to share information and grow together
  • Have a team and dedicated mentor that will support your growth
  • Own real business-need projects that will push your skills!


How to Apply

  1. Review the job descriptions and application questions in the “Apprenticeship Roles- Summer 2024 Cohort” section (details will be posted on March 1st, 2024). Please identify the role(s) you feel are the best fit. While we invite you to apply to multiple roles, you can move forward with at most one role. We, therefore, advise you to only plan to apply for the roles you would want to be hired into, and for which you are qualified.

  2. Review the application questions for the positions you are interested in (posted in the role-specific pages) and draft your responses per the guidelines given.

  3. Submit your application and essay responses between March 1st - March 6th at 11:59pm PST.

What to Expect During Hiring

During the hiring process, candidates should expect the steps below:

  • Essay Application: Our essay application process is designed to give individuals the opportunity to show us a range of qualities we believe will make them successful at LinkedIn. This includes their drive and ability to learn, tenacity and work ethic, unique perspective and passion for the role. As part of the essay application process, candidates are required to submit responses to all components of the three to four application essay questions. Responses will be reviewed for completeness as well as content.  Candidates are expected to submit their responses by the application deadline (March 6th, 2024 at 11:59PM PT).

  • Take-home Project: A recruiter will contact you if you are selected for virtual interviews following initial application review. You will be asked to complete and submit an independent take-home project prior to the virtual interviews (early April - early May).

  • Virtual Interview:  During the virtual interview, candidates will go through two interviews (one focused on technical skills and the other on soft skills) and a REACH Meet & Greet. In the technical interview, candidates will be expected to explain and extend their solution to the previously submitted take-home project. During the soft skill interview, a manager will get to know you beyond your technical skills (mid April - late May)

  • Offer: Candidates who receive an offer will find out more details about their future team and the program (by late May).

  • Start date: Apprentices will start with their cohort and go through a custom REACH onboarding experience together. Your recruiter can provide further detail on the start date during the hiring process so that there is sufficient time to prepare (June).

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Q: When is the next application period?   
A: We accept applications a few times a year, please check back mid 2024. The dates will be posted on this site once confirmed.

Q: How many apprentices are you accepting?  
A: We expect to hire approximately 10-35 apprentices each cycle. Exact number of hires will depend on the program’s capacity as well as business need at the time.  

Q: What roles are you hiring for? 
 A:  Our available roles vary from cohort to cohort. Generally, we have encompassed roles such as Software Engineering (Backend, Frontend, Mobile, etc.), Data Science, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and other roles including User Experience Researcher, Technical Program Manager, and Cyber Security. To access the most up-to-date roles being offered, please refer to the "Apprenticeship Roles- Summer 2024 Cohort" section.

Q: Is relocation offered?  
A:  Yes, relocation is offered. Our standard relocation policies and packages apply.  

Q: What office location will these roles be based in? 
A: At LinkedIn, we trust each other to do our best work where it works best for us and our teams. This role offers a hybrid work option, meaning you can both work from home and commute to a LinkedIn office, depending on what’s best for you and when it is important for your team to be together. 

All roles within the summer 2024 cohort offer a hybrid work arrangement. The majority of our hybrid teams are based out of our Mountain View, CA office. However, we also have teams located in our San Francisco office, and on occasion, our New York office. To find the precise office location for the track you are interested in, please visit the respective track-specific page.

Q: Will LinkedIn sponsor my visa?  
A: Apprentice roles are not eligible for visa sponsorship. Applicants must be authorized to work in the US for LinkedIn without requiring visa sponsorship now or in the future.  
Q: How is team placement determined?  
A: The program team will determine which team an individual joins, keeping in mind the apprentice’s interests. Team assignments will be based on several factors in order to set the individual up for success.  

Q: Are all applications reviewed?
A: Based on high volume of interest, we will not be able to review all applications. However, all applicants within this period will have an equal likelihood of review (i.e. applications will not be reviewed on a first come first serve basis).

Q: Do you need a LinkedIn profile in order to apply?
A: While LinkedIn profiles will not be reviewed in our hiring process, you must have a LinkedIn profile when applying in order for LinkedIn to receive your application through our applicant tracking system. In case you are new to LinkedIn or if you’d like some help in updating your profile, please visit this page or this video to see tips for creating a LinkedIn profile.  


Program Structure 

Q: What does the time allocated for development of technical skills look like?
A: Apprentices are allowed designated time on a weekly basis for investing in their technical skills. We will provide potential resources, guidance, mentorship, and financial support but this time will look different for each apprentice and each apprentice is expected to drive their own learning. For some, this may consist of internal or external programs or classes, online courses, or side projects. For some, this may be a dedicated day for learning while others spread over the week.

Q: What benefits are available for apprentices?
A:  Apprentices are eligible for health & medical benefits as well as all other perks that our full-time employees enjoy - centered on your health, passions, and family. See more benefits here: https://careers.linkedin.com/benefits

Q: Will program participants be compensated?
A: Yes, we will offer compensation packages for all apprentices.

Q: Will LinkedIn provide educational reimbursement
A: Yes, educational reimbursement will be offered for apprentices developing their technical skills. Specific details for reimbursement will be shared with apprentices upon joining the program.

Q: How is the length of the program determined?
A: The length of time apprentices spend in the program can range from one year to five years and is evaluated on an individual basis. This will depend on the time it takes apprentices to build their skill set to an entry level and meet the experience requirements as outlined in our basic qualifications for the role they are being promoted into. This will be discussed further during the interview process.