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[in] their own words: past and present APMs

  • Lauren Gilbert
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I've been to 17 different countries and planned 4 different international trips for my friends and classmates.
  • Leonardo Jimenez
    Leonardo Jimenez
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I have three nationalities (USA, Peru, and Venezuela).
  • Victor Oyare Oko
    Victor Oyare Oko
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I love to beatbox.
  • Emma Brady
    Emma Brady
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I have a Varsity letter from Notre Dame even though I didn't play a sport there! (I was a team manager for the Men's Lacrosse team).
  • Toussaint Webb
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I am currently learning to speak Spanish.
  • Cindy Zhang
    Cindy Zhang
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I used to be a huuuge Puzzle and Dragons nerd. Also, I have an extremely irrational fear of fish (I love sushi though!)
  • Dani Dawkins
    Dani Dawkins
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I started a podcast called Failing Forward in business school to normalize making failure a growth opportunity.
  • Lauren Charney
    Lauren Charney
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I am ambidextrous & love to bake desserts of all kind!
  • Juvensen Jules
    Juvensen Jules
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I once camped for three days and three nights alone on a mountain with 3 gallons of water, a hammock, and a cutting knife. Why? Just to see if I could do it.
  • Dilasha Shrestha
    Dilasha Shrestha
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: When I was 15, I completed an intense training course in mountaineering and allied adventure activities at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. 
  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I hated playing piano as a kid but love it now that no one’s forcing me.
  • Milap Patel
    Milap Patel
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I played competitive soccer for 14 years.
  • Ellen Xu
    Ellen Xu
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I hike (almost) religiously, completed 30 hikes in the first 3 months of moving to SF.
  • Amy Ru
    Amy Ru
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I was a beta tester for Pokémon Go!
  • Rachana Prasad
    Rachana Prasad
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I've hiked to one of the most scenic places in the Himalayas, but sadly I have no photos to show for it after the intense rain washed my phone away.
  • Alexa Jan
    Alexa Jan
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I was once featured on a local TV channel in Sondrio, Italy.
  • Anny Song
    Anny Song
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: In high school, I've taken a tractor, 4-wheeler, and horse-back to get to school (all modes of transportation).
  • Thuy Tien Vu Tran
    Thuy Tien Vu Tran
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I went through 3 years of military training in Vietnam.
  • Amin Haririnia
    Amin Haririnia
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: Traveled to 5 countries in 24 hours by plane, train, ferry and bus.
  • Kell Golden
    Kell Golden
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I make keto sweets.
  • Sriya Maram
    Sriya Maram
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I got stung by jellyfish in Hawaii! 
  • Adriana Meza
    Adriana Meza
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and golf.
  • Jalon Daniels
    Jalon Daniels
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I intentionally influence/curate my Spotify wrapped, to match my yearly aesthetic/theme. 
  • Jiali Huang
    Jiali Huang
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I follow Pamela's workout videos to do exercise every day.
  • Vraj Vyas
    Vraj Vyas
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I once broke Usher's phone.
  • Ayinde Castro
    Ayinde Castro
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: In my spare time I do photography and have had my work in museums such as the MET and the Whitney.
  • Koji Alguacil
    Koji Alguacil
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I used to make videos reviewing different sparkling water brands.
  • James Manganiello
    James Manganiello
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I'm in a DnD league with a bunch of friends and my character is essentially Gilderoy Lockhart. I cannot tell you how fun it is.
  • Jiajing Dai
    Jiajing Dai
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I have been a content creator for 3 years, producing videos/blogs about product management and career.
  • Lizzie Youshaei
    Lizzie Youshaei
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I have every vowel in my last name :) 
  • Aisling O'Reilly
    Aisling O'Reilly
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I'm fascinated by human behaviour and love listening to psycology podcasts.
  • Zane Homsi
    Zane Homsi
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I love the outdoors - catch me SCUBA diving or road cycling on the weekends! 
  • Ahmed Abdelrahman
    Ahmed Abdelrahman
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: During my college years, I studied and lived in six different countries! 
  • Glenn Feit
    Glenn Feit
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I've driven across the country five times.
  • Ishan Sinha
    Ishan Sinha
    Not on my LinkedIn profile: I play guitar!


What is the APM Rotational Program? 
The APM Rotational Program consists of two 12-month rotations on different product teams. This provides the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the role, while receiving strong mentorship from LinkedIn product leaders across the company. Each class of APMs also meets weekly with a cohort lead, who facilitates learning sessions and community-building events throughout the year.

What skills will I learn? 
The APM program is a career rocket ship, teaching end-to-end product development through Product Bootcamp at the start of the program and through learning by doing during the rotations. This includes a wide variety of skills, such as driving product strategy and roadmaps, making data-driven decisions and prioritizations, and presenting to product leaders. You’ll also work closely with cross-functional partners across engineering, business operations, marketing, data science, and more.

What is the community aspect of the APM Program like? 
One of LinkedIn’s core values is “Relationships matter,” which the APM Rotational Program embodies. We facilitate community-building both inside and outside of the office to help you build lifelong relationships.​

​What mentorship is available?
Each APM joins a team with a manager, in-team mentor, and meaningful product area that helps maximize learning and business impact. You’ll also receive a mentor through the APM program who is on a different team, helping to provide a different perspective from the day-to-day. Additionally, a second-year APM will be assigned as an “APM buddy” to help show you the ropes.

What are the responsibilities of an APM?
APM positions can vary from team to team, but all involve:​

  • Owning and developing a specific feature set, its roadmap, OKRs, and operational plans
  • Setting principles to guide prioritization and maximize impact within product and business constraints​
  • Proactively identifying obstacles and seeking resolution with manager support​
  • Collaborating with cross-functional and/or cross-org teams to execute the roadmap​
  • Seeking out diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences from the working team and partners ​
  • Effectively communicating your product work and impact
  • Actively participating in APM program events and development ​

What happens after the APM program?
The program sets up participants for success wherever their product journey takes them. After your second rotation, APMs continue to grow their product careers. They can remain on the team that they rotated on, or they can try something new. Previous APMs have grown their product careers at LinkedIn (PMs, Chiefs of Staff, and VPs), presented at Forbes 30 under 30, and founded their own companies.​

Where are rotations based? 
Rotations are based in the LinkedIn San Francisco or Sunnyvale Headquarters offices.

How is Product Management different at LinkedIn? 
Our platform creates economic opportunity for the global workforce and helps our 875+ million professionals make meaningful connections and be more productive and successful. Our global reach means we get to make a direct impact on the world’s workforce. We’re much more than a digital resume – we transform lives through innovative products and technology. Our product management organization is at the core of this innovation.​

Can I apply if I am a master’s student? 
Yes. ​

What is the typical background of an APM? 
There is no typical background for being a Product Manager. We generally seek candidates with a track record of entrepreneurship or leadership experience, in addition to technical and product expertise. Some ways candidates have demonstrated these skills are: ​

  • Created a company or a product
  • Founded or led a group
  • Earned a major scholarship
  • Completed a product management internship​
  • Completed a fellowship with a venture capital or entrepreneurial organization.


How is the APM intern program structured? 
The APM intern program is a 3-month internship on a product team. Interns participate in an onboarding bootcamp to learn the basics of product management and complete a project to help hone their PM skills. They receive mentorship from their manager, in-team mentor, and an APM buddy. Through fireside chats, learning sessions, and networking events, APM interns learn and grow with each other, building a strong community.

What happens when an APM intern returns full-time?
We view the internship as a bonus third rotation, and interns join a new team if they return for a second internship or a full-time role. ​

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