Amenities Local teams Transportation

Food and beverage:

  • Breakfast and lunch at Kopitiam
  • Pantry with snacks
  • Barista Service


  • Fitness centre & showers
  • Group classes



  • Mothers' room
  • Minndfulness room
  • Prayer room
  • Massages


  • Desks with height adjustable tables
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Game area

5-minute walk to MRT:

  • Downtown Station (Blue line)
  • Marina Bay (Red and Yellow lines)

Car and bike parking onsite

[in] our own words

"Culture is what makes LinkedIn unique and is one of the main reasons why many want to join this company. But everyone still humbly acknowledges that there are opportunities for us to improve and be better, while preserving what's unique to us. Everyone here is always striving to be a better person at work, at home and doing good for the society. And this makes us unique."

Jia Xiang Koh
People Analytics Manager, APAC