Q: What is the Strategy, Operations and Analytics Rotational Program (SOAR)?
A:  LinkedIn's SOAR Program is a two-year rotational program    designed as a career accelerator that prepares entry-level professionals to become exceptional business leaders. In high-visibility roles, SOAR analysts master business skills like strategic framing of problems, SQL & Presto, financial modeling, data visualization, and performance management.
Q: Why should I start my career in SOAR? 
A: The SOAR program at LinkedIn not only affords entry-level professionals the opportunity to develop their analytical and business skill sets at a tech company, but it also provides exposure and experience across a variety of role types. Anecdotally, analysts have said that they found the role variety paired with world class mentorship as a defining factor in both gaining clarity on their desired career paths as well as jump starting them.
Q: What is the typical background of an SOAR analyst?
A: We are looking for highly motivated and passionate individuals from all backgrounds and majors! Analysts within SOAR have demonstrated strong leadership and communication skills, and can also balance analytical ability with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. 
Q: What skills will I learn through SOAR?
A: Our analyst development framework is based around six skills: analytical abilities, technical tools, business communications, people skills, growth mindset, and citizenship. Your rotations will be structured to ensure that you develop skill sets in all of those areas over the course of your two years in the program.  In addition to on the job learning, you will have the opportunity to further develop your skills through formalized trainings, professional development mentorship, and peer mentorship.  
Q: What is the social aspect of the SOAR program like? 
A: We believe that driving a fun and positive culture is important to the success of the program. The analysts are given a social budget which is managed by a social committee. Historically, these funds have been used for a variety of event types including overnight trips (e.g. ski weekend in Tahoe), happy hours, dinners, day trips to Santa Cruz, and so much more!
Q: What types of exit opportunities exist after a SOAR analyst completes the program?
A: Historically, SOAR analysts have taken on full time positions both at LinkedIn and outside of LinkedIn after the program. While previous analysts have gone into a wide range of roles, a majority of analysts have entered full-time roles within Business Operations, Strategy, or Product Management. There are also a breadth of other exit opportunities, including, but not limited to, Venture Capital, Sales Operations, Product Marketing Management, Business Development, and graduate school programs. We encourage you to take a look at the following LinkedIn programs to ensure you are choosing a program that most aligns with your long term goals:

If you are a rising Sophomore or Junior and are interested in interning at LinkedIn, see here.

Q: When can I apply for SOAR?
A: Applications for the SOAR program class of 2023 will begin in August 2022.
Q: Can I apply if I am a master’s student?
A: Yes, masters students are welcome to apply. However, please note that SOAR is an entry-level program meant for new and recent graduates.
Q: How do I apply for SOAR?
A: Application can be found on our SOAR Program website here.
Q: Where can I go to read more about LinkedIn?
A: You can learn more about LinkedIn on our company page here.
Q: Where are rotations based?
A: This role will be based in San Francisco. On a case-by-case basis, we will consider New York City-based analysts. 
Q: How do I prepare for the interview?
A: SOAR indexes equally on analytical ability and program fit, so be prepared to be assessed on these during the interview process. You should be comfortable with case interviews, high level problem solving, and behavioral questions focused on culture fit, working style, and leadership / results. One of our very own SOAR analysts helped co-author & edit a LinkedIn Learning course on how to case interview that you can watch to help prepare.