3. Analyst Support Network

Hear from some of our current and past SOAR Analysts about what the program has meant to them and their careers.

"After starting the program, I was exposed to different lines of business and leadership across LinkedIn. I have had the opportunity to develop key analytical skills, network with leadership, and work on cross-functional teams."

Debbie Boakye-Donkor ('22)

"I joined the SOAR program because I wanted to work somewhere where I could problem-solve day-to-day issues while also shaping the direction of the business. It's exciting to be exposed to a variety of lines of business within SOAR because I'm always learning new things."

Grant Bernero ('21)

"SOAR provides the unique opportunity to work on a diverse set of teams and develop a well-rounded skill set. In addition, the mentorship and community have been incredibly supportive to my career development."

Serena Zhao ('22)

"As someone curious about a plethora of areas within tech, I felt the SOAR program was an invaluable opportunity to delve deep into the inner workings of a leading tech company via challenging, high-visibility initiatives."

Danielle Egan ('21)

"The opportunity to not only explore but also be a part of different product and cross-functional teams is invaluable to me, especially at the early stages of my career. Can’t wait to learn and grow as a professional here!"

Ariel Li ('22)

"I chose SOAR because I'm not currently set on a specific function or role for my career path. Through the rotations in different areas of LinkedIn's business, I can discover what I'm passionate about. SOAR gives you an unparalleled variety of opportunities as you take the first steps of your career."

Albert Wu ('20)

"I chose SOAR because of the unique opportunity to rotate across various Bizops teams. My rotations so far have taught me how to communicate and build strong relationships with business partners while significantly improving my technical skills."

Christiane Fotso ('21)

"The SOAR program has not only empowered me to develop my skills in leadership, project execution, and strategic thinking, but has also given me a network of close friends and mentors to support my growth and development along the way."

Lily Barnett ('20)

"There is no place I would rather start my career than in LinkedIn's SOAR program. It's the best launchpad if you want to work in strategy in tech. There are so many different areas of the business to work in and everyone you meet is top-notch"

Niel Christensen ('21)

"As someone who likes to constantly be learning, SOAR is the best place to start my career. I'm excited to be at a mission-driven company where I can go through different rotations, learning technical / analytical skills and honing in on my interests that align my purpose with work."

Jane Wu ('21)

"SOAR has already provided me a strong network of peers and senior managers that I rely on every single day for personal advice, technical help, and everything in between."

Daniel Jai ('22)

“What really stands out to me about SOAR is the strength of community and mentorship at all levels provided to analysts. Being someone that is still in the early stages of my career, this gives me a sense of support and community that is often hard to find.”

Yusuf Uzhunnan ('22)