3. Analyst Support Network

Hear from some of our current and past S&A Analysts about what the program has meant to them and their careers.

"LinkedIn's S&A program was attractive to me in that it provided a fast-track opportunity to learn the ropes in tech, rotations to broaden my perspective, and a mission I really cared about."

Rachel Nelson ('18)

"I am so grateful that the Strategy & Analytics programme has offered me unrestricted professional and personal development from day one."

Cian Ó Faoláin (EMEA '16)

"Being surrounded by ambitious, and ideologically motivated individuals determined to make a change in the world is truly a unique experience."

Julia Abelsky ('17)

"As a first year analyst, I have been given numerous opportunities to grow, develop and take risks both professionally and personally and have received valuable coaching from mentors and managers."

Caroline Hubbard ('17)

"S&A has been and continues to be an amazing opportunity for me to develop my business and analytical skills while diving head-first into challenges at a top tech company."

Safiya Walker ('17)

"I came to LinkedIn because I felt S&A would provide me with more diverse and more relevant experiences for my career goals than investment banking or consulting. It has delivered in spades. I am leaving S&A with a robust analytical foundation, perspectives and knowledge on how core business functions are run at a world-class organization, and most importantly a peer and mentor network that I expect will be the key to my future success."

Mark Cialone ('16)

"S&A is unique in that it allows new-grads the opportunity to drive high-impact projects in business functions that typically only hire people with several years of relevant work experience."

Yaz El Baba ('17)

"Strategy & Analytics is a one-of-a-kind program that enables analysts to discover new roles, find their passion, and learn the fundamentals of how LinkedIn operates."

Rohan Punamia ('17)

"The S&A program is truly unique in that it has allowed me to drive analysis and project execution end to end, taking an initial idea to an in-product solution."

Dillon Stuart ('17)

"I chose S&A because unlike other opportunities, with its rotations and mentorship, S&A seemed to best provide the space for me to continue learning and growing and be constantly challenged."

Aisha Sharif ('18)

"The exposure, impact, and learning you find in the S&A Program is extremely rare and has laid an incredible foundation for my career."

John Koelliker ('17)

"S&A is a tight-knit community within LinkedIn focused on development. I’ve learned twice as much in half the time because of my ambitious and supportive peers."

Tai Bendit ('17)