San Francisco

“BLP not only equipped me with the skills I needed to jumpstart start my career in Sales, but also provided me with a community of incredible peers and advisors who I continue to turn to for insight and guidance at every step of my career.”

Brittany Blum

"BLP has provided me with best-in-class sales training necessary to succeed in any career, but it has also provided me access to a network of fellow alumni who have become the top sales professionals across all of our lines of business the San Francisco office."

Bryan Romeike

"In the San Francisco office,
you’re surrounded by individuals who both
create and sell the products and this showcases the best of the company’s ability to work together."

Nikhil Kanade

"I have gained insights from experienced professionals on what it means to grow as a person and a leader."

Dan Dobras


“BLP is a journey with some of the most amazing young professionals you’ll ever meet! With the level of professional development & support provided by the program, I'd never be as prepared to be doing sales in such a cool city like Chicago.”

Corey Ashmeade

"BLP is the catalyst that not only accelerates your sales career, but what connects you to this incredible network. The Chicago office perfectly complements BLP in providing you with a sales-centric community that truly aims to better one another on a daily basis."

Richard Park

"The Chicago LinkedIn office is filled with ambitious, intelligent people who care about making you the best salesperson you can be. The people here will show you what success looks like and will coach you to get you there."

Jenny Halpern

"BLP taught me the value of a sales foundation to launch my career, and the Chicago office specifically has accelerated that skill development tenfold."

Michele Charles


"Being in BLP and living in Dublin helps you build an incredible network that will benefit you for the rest of your career. What I value the most is the personal relationships I’ve established with my peers that will last forever."

Robin Malmsten

"Being part of BLP in Dublin gives you exposure to so many different languages, cultures, and markets. The office carries such a warm-hearted vibe with its multi-cultural space where you meet someone new every single day. Dublin is definitely the place to be for tech and innovation in Europe!"

Soraya Tavakol

"Starting my career in Europe’s tech hub in Dublin has been a truly unique opportunity. What I’ve loved about my time in BLP has been the chance to see two departments before transitioning into my full-time role in Sales Development."

Nastie Schoenmakers

"Since joining BLP, I have developed essential skills that will ensure a strong career going forward. It's great being based in the Dublin office where we work in some of LinkedIn's most strategic and fastest growing markets."

Gary Izunwa