Four Semesters to Success

Joining the Business Leadership Program means you’ll also enter Semester 1 of our Sales Academy. After Semester 1 you’ll enter Sales Development to continue building skills through all 4 semesters.

Gain exposure

Get exposure to a wide variety of industries and people. You’ll learn how to adjust your approach depending on the audience.

Be the fuel

Be a part of LinkedIn's acquisition engine - those who produce revenue at a company are highly valued, trusted, and respected

Develop your skills

Acquire skills that will help you be successful: communications, business acumen, influence, leadership, and resilience

Work autonomously

You'll get the unique opportunity to own your own personal book of business at the start of your career and manage your own time

Get rewarded

In sales at LinkedIn, there is a direct correlation between success and reward for both compensation and promotion

Become a thought leader

Sales is about helping people achieve their goals by introducing LinkedIn's products to help in solving business problems