During the hiring process, candidates should expect:

  • Application: The first step of our process is an application review. Candidates will be asked to submit responses to three application questions to apply. Applicants will be notified whether or not they are moving to the next stage within four weeks of application submission.

  • Coding Challenge: If selected for an onsite interview, candidates will be asked to complete a coding challenge. Individuals will have seven days to complete this exercise and must submit their completed exercise prior to coming onsite for the interview.

  • Onsite Interview: Candidates will be invited to an onsite interview during either the weeks of 8/27/18 or 9/3/18.  During the interview, candidates will get insight into LinkedIn’s culture, and go through two interviews (on the same day): one discussion focused on soft skills and the other will be a technical module designed around the coding challenge submitted by candidates prior to the interview.

  • Offer: Candidates that receive an offer for the program will find out more details on what the program is expected to look like for them, and an estimated length in program based on their incoming experience and skills.

  • Start Date: This group of apprentices will start in late October 2018.

During the program, apprentices should expect:

  • Program Length: To be in the program for a minimum of one year and no longer than five years. Throughout the interview process, we will work with each individual to better understand what the program may look like for them.

  • Mentorship and Support: The program is designed to provide support from the manager, an engineering mentor, and the program team to guide the apprentice as they work towards building a career in engineering.

  • Technical Development:  Apprentices can expect designated time for investing in their technical skills. We will provide a list of resources, guidance, mentorship, and financial support but this time will look different for each apprentice and each apprentice is expected to drive their own learning. For some this may consist of external programs or classes, online courses, or side projects.

Q: What is the timeline for launching this program?

A: We are targeting an application period for mid to late summer, with accepted applicants beginning in October 2018. 

Q: How many apprentices are you accepting?

A: We expect to have about 10-15 apprentices at this time.

Q: What roles are you hiring for?

A:  The program is designed to provide individuals relevant experience towards becoming an Applications Developer, Mobile Developer, UI Developer, or Site Reliability Engineer. However, the roles an individual is in during the apprenticeship may vary. While lower level roles may not be engineering roles, all are technical and will give exposure to engineering work. Each individual will receive more information on what to expect throughout the hiring process.

Q: What does the time allocated for development of technical skills look like?

A: Apprentices can expect designated time for investing in their technical skills. We will provide a list of resources, guidance, mentorship, and financial support but this time will look different for each apprentice and each apprentice is expected to drive their own learning. For some this may consist of external programs or classes, online courses, or side projects.

Q: What benefits are available for apprentices?

A: Apprentices are eligible for health & medical benefits as well as all other perks that our full time employees enjoy - catered food, transportation options (shuttle, caltrain pass, etc), gym, etc. See more benefits here: https://careers.linkedin.com/benefits

Q: Will program participants be compensated?

A: Yes, we will offer compensation packages for all apprentices.

Q: Is relocation offered?

A:  Yes, relocation is offered for this role. Our standard relocation policies and packages apply.

Q: What office location will these roles be based in?

A: The majority of our roles are based out of the Sunnyvale and San Francisco offices. However, we do have a couple roles based out of the New York City office. Location will be determined considering the individual’s residing location and fit for the role.

Q: Will LinkedIn sponsor my visa?

A: No, unfortunately we are unable to sponsor any visas for this program.

Q: Will LinkedIn provide educational reimbursement?

A: Yes, educational reimbursement will be offered for apprentices developing their technical skills. Specific details for reimbursement will be shared with apprentices upon joining the program.

Q: How does this version of REACH differ from the REACH pilot in 2017?

A: The program’s mission, vision and many of the program elements have remained the same. For example, each apprentice will receive a manager and mentor to help guide them through their career journeys while at LinkedIn. Based on our learnings from the pilot and our interest to expand the number of apprentices in the program, we realized the need to make changes to accommodate more learning styles as well as the number of technical “entry points” based on the apprentices’ level of coding knowledge. Not everyone progresses at the same pace and not everyone accepted into the program will be at the same technical level. Therefore, we’ve created multiple levels for the apprentices to progress through based on their technical background. We’ve also extended the program length and built in time allotted towards developing technical skills to allow for more time to learn and perfect skills prior to becoming a full-fledged engineer.

Q: Why are you making changes to the program?

A: While we were happy with the success of our pilot program, our long-term goal with REACH is to change the way the industry recruits, hires, and trains talent. To do this, we need to scale the program beyond one cohort per year. These changes are an effort to move towards building this into our continuous hiring process. In addition, we are looking to widen the candidate pool thereby expanding the number of exceptional talent we welcome into the company.

Q: What does it mean that REACH is no longer cohort based but a rolling hiring?

A:  We are moving away from the cohort model with the goal of building non-traditional hiring into our processes year round. This structure allows us to offer opportunities year round and more flexibility as each individual’s time in program may vary.  We will accept applications as we have openings for the program. While apprentices will still start in groups, everyone in the program will become part of the REACH community and be able to leverage each other throughout their time in the program.

Q: How is the length of the program determined?

A: The length of time apprentices spend in the program can range from one year to five years. This will depend on the time it takes apprentices to build their skill set to an engineer level and meet the experience requirements as outlined in our basic qualifications for engineering roles. This will be discussed further during the interview process.

Based on their incoming skills, education, and previous work experience, each accepted apprentice will be provided with an expected outlook on their length of time in the program to meet the basic qualifications. If someone has no prior related work experience and does not have a bachelor’s degree, the individual should expect the program to be closer to 5 years in length.

Q: As an apprentice, do I get to choose which roles I rotate into?

A: The program team will determine which role an individual moves into, keeping in mind the apprentice’s interests and desired track or expertise (UI, Mobile, Apps, SRE). Role assignments will be based on several factors in order to set the individual up for success. The program team will do their best to accommodate roles that the apprentice expresses interest in.

Q: Who should apply?

A: This program could be the right fit for people of varied backgrounds; examples of past REACH participants have included those who have a degree in music or healthcare, have a two year degree from a community college, have been to a coding bootcamp, are entirely self-taught, looking to restart a career in tech after an extended break, or have a military background.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to apply. However, because this program is built with a heavy focus on training to get an individual to the engineer level, the program may not be suitable for individuals that recently completed a Computer Science degree.