Multiple Levels:

Our apprenticeship has roles across varying technical levels to accommodate a wide range of candidates. We aim to invest in candidates that we believe will be successful in the role but are earlier in their journey by providing a supportive environment for apprentices to continue to develop. 

We see each technical level as a stepping stone to a career in the field, with apprentices ultimately being promoted to a Software Engineer or Technical Program Management position. For example, apprentices who start in a Level II role should expect to continue their technical development, with guidance from a mentor and coach, to build the foundation required to be promoted to a Level III role before being promoted to the Software Engineer or Technical Program Manager role.

Program Length: 

Participants should expect to be in the apprenticeship for a minimum of one year and no longer than five years. The time each apprentice spends in this program will vary depending on their incoming skill set, experience, and progress through the program.

Mentorship and Support: 

The program is designed to provide support from the manager, an assigned technical mentor, and the assigned team to guide the apprentice as they work towards building technical career.

Technical Development: 

  • On-Job Training: Most of the apprenticeship will be on-the-job training. REACH mentors assigned to each apprentice from their working teams ensure they are successful in on-job responsibilities

  • Personal Development: Apprentices are allotted time on a weekly basis to pursue technical development on their own. Apprentices are provided guidance on options as well as financial support. This time will look different for each apprentice (e.g. in-person or online CS classes, side projects, etc.). While direction will be given by the mentor and other teammates for day-to-day work, each apprentice is expected to drive their own learning.




Q: What does the time allocated for development of technical skills look like?

A: Apprentices can expect designated time on a weekly basis for investing in their technical skills. We will provide a list of resources, guidance, mentorship, and financial support but this time will look different for each apprentice and each apprentice is expected to drive their own learning. For some, this may consist of internal or external programs or classes, online courses, or side projects. For some, this may be a dedicated day for learning while others spread over the week.


Q: What benefits are available for apprentices?

A: Apprentices are eligible for health & medical benefits as well as all other perks that our full-time employees enjoy - centered on your health, passions, and family. See more benefits here:


Q: Will program participants be compensated?

A: Yes, we will offer compensation packages for all apprentices.


Q: Will LinkedIn provide educational reimbursement?

A: Yes, educational reimbursement will be offered for apprentices developing their technical skills. Specific details for reimbursement will be shared with apprentices upon joining the program.


Q: How is the length of the program determined?

A: The length of time apprentices spend in the program can range from one year to five years and is evaluated on an individual basis. This will depend on the time it takes apprentices to build their skill set to an engineer or technical program manager level and meet the experience requirements as outlined in our basic qualifications for the role they are being promoted into. This will be discussed further during the interview process.

Based on their incoming skills, education, and previous work experience, each apprentice will be provided with an estimate on the minimum length of time in the program to meet the basic qualifications. If someone has no prior related work experience and does not have a bachelor’s degree, the individual should expect the program to be closer to 5 years in length.