You didn’t learn product management in college. You probably don’t have a background in your new product space. This may even be your first full-time role.

So how, as an APM, do you start setting strategies, executing on roadmaps, and leading teams? And how do you become good at it?

You’ll get far by learning on the job, and you’ll get to the next level by applying advice from product experts.


In your first three months at LinkedIn, you hear a particular phrase repeated constantly: “relationships matter.” What’s that all about?

At LinkedIn, we care about the people we build products for—and the people we build products with.

Thanks to our international APM trip, APM brunches, board game night series, and more, you’ll be sure to bond with everyone in your small, <10-person APM class.



You’ve learned about product management, and you’ve bonded with your fellow APMs. But when do you get to ship things?

From Day 1, you’ll collaborate with engineers, designers, data scientists, and a host of other partners to build the next generation of LinkedIn products.

The result: meaningful product ownership with a tangible impact on LinkedIn’s success.


A year and a half later, you’re launching products and leading teams. You’ve learned from the best and the community has your back. Now what?

Forbes 30 under 30. Presenting at conferences. Starting non-profits. The list goes on and on.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll add to it.